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Mindo and Papallacta: What to do

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Hospedar 2018

Visiting Mindo for the first time

Mindo is a small region located 80 km (49.70 miles) northeast from Quito. It is part of the canton ‘San Miguel de los Bancos’ and it is still part of the province of Pichincha. This town has an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level and it a beautiful cloudy forest where you can find an impressive flora and fauna, besides activities.

Mindo temperatures oscillates between 15°C and 24°C the whole year, what facilitates you to have a pleasant stay there. We recommend a stay of one night in Mindo so you can really enjoy the attractions of this town. You will need a 2 hours ride to get there.



  • Water Activities: Mindo has many rivers and waterfalls, so it makes it the perfect place to perform rafting or tubing (different ways to descend the Mindo River). You can also descend on waterfalls, also known as canyoning.


  • Nature Activities: Mindo’s nature offers many activities such as trekking, visiting cascades, Birdwatching (Mindo has 1600 bird species including hundreds of Hummingbirds), or the famous ‘Canopy’, which consists of moving to one top tree to another in a big high with harnesses in a circuit of secure cables.


  • The Butterfly house: This amazing and interactive garden called ‘El Mariposario’ hosts more than 25 species. In here you will be able to feed and hold one of the 1200 butterflies of the place. You can learn about the evolution process of a cocoon to butterfly and actually witness this experience.

Your trip to Papallacta

Papallacta is a small town east of Quito, only 67 km (41 miles) away from the city. Despite of being so close to Quito, this parish is already in Napo, a province of the Ecuadorian Amazon. It is famous for its hot Springs that you can find in many spas and you can relax in hot pools until very late if you wish so. It can be a bit could due its altitude (3.300 mtr.), but thanks to the hot springs you will feel better than ever.

The surroundings of Papallacta are also very nice, because it is located at the paramo with many flora and fauna species. Sport fishing is also very common here, so we recommend you to eat trout in the restaurant of the spa.

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